A casting director that will meet and exceed your production's needs.

What We Offer

We are commited to fulfilling your casting needs while specializing in a balanced portrayal of Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Differently Abled People.

Magic Wand

Special Skills

Our database includes people that have uncommon skills, such as people that can handle guns professionally, ballroom dancers, contortionists, and many more.



Whether your project is a small budget music video, a commerical airing at the Superbowl, a web series, a pilot, a tv show, a movie or any other on camera project. We can help you put the right person in front of the lens! For voice acting, we can put the right voice behind the microphone!



We have the experience you need for your project. We have been in front and behind the camera. ACTRA project or non union, we know the ins and outs. We have the experience to ensure the success of your project.